Decentralizing AI Compute for Large Language Models

On May 2, 2024, was born out of a clear necessity: to address the unmet demand for large language models (LLMs). Instead of creating another proprietary system, is building a decentralized network where hardware providers and consumers can meet. Think of it as the Ethereum of AI, where providers run nodes and get paid for every inference they execute, and consumers can easily tap into this network via an OpenAI-compatible API.

The Birthplace: Moonsong Labs's journey began at Moonsong Labs, a hub for innovative ideas at the intersection of Web3 and AI. Early investigations into the potential of these technologies led to a conviction that could fill a critical market gap. Moonsong Labs, specializing in infrastructure, led the initial ideation and technical exploration including assembling the founding team. Their support continues as starts to carve its niche in the AI landscape.

Leadership That Inspires

Leading the charge is Julio Viera, a seasoned entrepreneur whose vision and strategic acumen drive forward. Julio’s extensive background in tech startups equips him with the skills to navigate the complexities of this ambitious project. His knack for identifying market needs and steering companies toward success is invaluable as works to establish its product-market fit.

Technical Brilliance

At the heart of’s technical strategy is Michael Sigamani, whose deep expertise in data science shapes the platform’s innovative approach. Michael’s experience ensures that the technical challenges of decentralization—like node honesty, incentive compatibility, and robust architecture—are met with leading-edge solutions. His leadership ensures that not only works but excels in delivering reliable AI compute services.

My Role

My involvement with began in the late stages of its incubation at Moonsong Labs. As a consultant through my company, Wonop, I contributed to the foundational work of Recognizing the synergy, it was decided that Wonop would co-own parts of, helping to build out the company’s infrastructure and strategy moving forward. Wonop and I bring extensive blockchain knowledge, having previously built out an entire blockchain for AI while at Fetch.AI, further strengthening’s capabilities.

Looking Ahead: Challenges and Solutions

Our immediate focus is on building the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). We're making good progress, but, like any startup, we must judiciously manage our time and resources. We’re actively testing hypotheses around decentralization, addressing technical issues such as node honesty and incentive compatibility. At the same time, Julio's expertise is crucial in swiftly finding our product-market fit, while Michael and I concentrate on the technical foundations. is poised to revolutionize the AI compute landscape by making high-powered inference accessible and affordable through decentralization. With a strong team, visionary leadership, and strategic partnerships, we are going to kick ass in the years to come!

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