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Transforming My Financial Reality by Reframing My Money Beliefs

I've come to realize that money beliefs shape our financial reality. Whether we realize it or not, our subconscious thoughts about money influence our earning potential, spending habits, and overall financial health. In this blog post, I want to share the profound impact of money beliefs and how reframing these beliefs can attract more financial abundance based on my own experiences.

Feeling Worthy of Receiving Money

Feeling worthy of receiving money is crucial to financial success. If you don’t believe you deserve it, you may subconsciously undermine yourself. For example, when negotiating for a job, if you feel your worth is less than what you ask for, you might inadvertently lower your expectations. If I want a $50k job but believe I'm only worth $25k, I might say, "I know it’s expensive, but I’m looking to get $50k." This gives recruiters the chance to reinforce my lower self-worth.

Importance of Working with Your Beliefs

Identifying and shifting your money beliefs is essential. Here’s how I approach it:

1. Pay attention to your thoughts about money. I ask myself if these beliefs strengthen my relationship with money.

2. Reframe negative beliefs. I transform them into positive, empowering statements.

For example, I used to think earning $100k annually was great, but it limited my worth to that amount. I started saying, "They are lucky I’m willing to work for such a low salary." Over time, this became my truth, and I felt worth much more.

Being a High-Value Person

Being a high-value person means giving more value than you receive. The value you give is typically not money. I provide free advice without expecting anything in return, which makes me feel worthy of receiving more. And I also provide free services without expecting anything back. I regularly donate larger amounts. If I ever feel low in worth, I ask myself how I can add more value. For instance, when I felt my consultancy services weren’t worth the fee a few years back, I improved my services using AI, enhancing value without lowering prices.

Important Beliefs to Establish

Here are some foundational beliefs I’ve adopted:

  • The universe is working for me.

  • The universe always gives me something better than expected.

  • I am great with money and an awesome entrepreneur.

  • I love marketing.

  • People love paying me for my services!

  • My business will grow to $50k/month this year.

  • I’m paying off $150k of others’ debt this year, because I am awesome.

These beliefs reframe and reinforce crucial aspects for success. They may look different for you, so personalize them to fit your goals and aspirations.

Overcoming Common Challenges

Falling into old habits is a major challenge. For instance, my company paid nearly $500,000 in legal fees, which should have been covered by the defendant, who instead dodged the payment. Rather than playing the victim, I reframe the situation: I am awesome because my company can pay off $350,000 of someone else’s debt. Who the fuck can do that? Yeah, I can! I still need to pay the last $150,000, so what? Reframing empowers me and aligns my mindset with my financial goals.

Cultivating a Money-Positive Mindset

Maintaining a money-positive mindset requires daily practices:

- Repeat your beliefs out loud.

- Journal about them.

- Visualize already being what you want to believe.

Quite quickly, this changes your reality. It’s that simple.


Transforming your money beliefs is a powerful step toward financial abundance. By feeling worthy, adding value, reframing negative beliefs, and maintaining daily positive practices, you can shift your financial reality. Start today by identifying your money beliefs and reshaping them into empowering truths. The universe is waiting to reward you!

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